by mks
June 03 at 3:05am
Respected Astrologer Pandit R  K sharma ji , With your prediction ,consultancy & blessings  i have got appraisal in the existing job. earlier when i visited you i was very upset regarding my present job. i was about to quit the job and also wherever i went for interview not selected. i was confused. But your timely extreme important consultancy/advice have been rewarding. thank you so much sir.

thanku so Much Guru JI

by MLG
May 22 at 6:22am
Jai shri radha krishan, I am sorry to reply late. Respected astrologer Sir,with your timely valuable astrological/spiritual guidance,support & blessings have not only saved my children's one year but also both my son & daughter improved a lot in their study. In the C.B.S.E. results declared with your blessings my both children have scored above 90% marks.all credit goes to you. Thanku so much Sir. M.L. Gupta

thanku guru ji for your inspiration & blessings

by prdc
April 17 at 2:17am
Respected pandit R K Sharma Ji : parnam, i & my wife visited you in sept. 2018 regarding various issue concerning the marriage of my elder daughter. we tried all possible remedies as suggested by so called astrologers/specialists/pandits, we spent huge money but in vain. perhaps we were visiting wrong astro pandits.every time at the last moment/eleventh hour due some unexpected problems our marriage proposal got rejected. we had no hope .But Now under your continuous guidance ,we are extremely happy to inform you that on 9th feb.2019 we had successful loving marriage of my daughter in a wonderful family with govt. officer groom.We are very very ... grateful to you ,Thank you so much Sir for your blessings,important advice on many delicate frequent occasions. you helped us a lot. thank you so much Guru ji ,some times fake astrologers send you fake customers to criticise you but they would never be benefited with their evil thoughts. you have been our inspiration .thanks once again.

Respected Guru ji thanku

February 07 at 8:12am
Respected Guru Ji 'parnam" i took phone consultancy in nov.2018 regarding my govt. job. you told me that between jan15to 14 feb. 2019 change of job/place is on the cards due to transition of mars into aries and transition of mercury into aqarius . this is to inform you that i am being transferred to delhi next week with increment in my salary. i and my family had a strong desire to see you personally and seek your blessings. thank you so much guru ji as i was waiting for such transfer for the last one year .

i am thankful to Pandit R K Sharma ji

January 21 at 4:29am
i am an advocate . i have been consulting guru Ji (pandit R KSharma ji, Jyotish guru noida/vrindavan) frequently for the last 5 years . whenever i had problem/confusion/uncertainty i took appointment and took his valuable advice. with his consultancy i was able to travel abroad & also earned good income. thanks a lot Sir.My friends if gave one or 2 star wrongly /by mistake as many other astrologers also have the same name , i extremely appologize for the same. thank you sir for prediction and blessings

i am grateful to Pandit r k sharma ji

by aka
November 16, 2018 at 3:30am
hi, i am eka parnika from new delhi. i was troubled about my married life & job with uncertain future. i already sought consultancy & spent huge amount for pooja/hawan as per so claimed pandits but no relief. finally my friend advised me to take consultancy from pandit R K sharma ji in noida/vrindavan, it was not easy to contact him due his busy schedule. fortunately i succeeded in getting appointment . after consulting him i was relieved as he told about my past and present. i followed his advice /remedies for 3 months. finally my job & family ,married life issue have been resolved to my satisfaction. thanku sir for your valuable consultancy. regards.

thankful to sir Pandit R K Sharma ji,astrloger

September 09, 2018 at 9:04am
hi, i am neharika sharma from faridabad , i took phone consultancy thrice by paying Rs.1100/- each time in jan,,feb.& march 2018. but i am very thankful to Respected Astrologer Pandit R K Sharma ji for his so important advice every time was truely not only helpful but successful in resolving my long pending marriage problems, with his blesssings, astro remedies & advice i have been living comfortable happy married life, since april 2018, please keep showering your blessings, thanks guru ji so much .

thanku sir

August 09, 2018 at 8:46am
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tahnk you Pandit R K Sharma ji

July 07, 2018 at 2:57am
Pandit R K sharma ji ,jyotish guru i am saijili from Guru Gram, haryana, i took consultancy on phone after paying fee by paytm in march 2018,you predicted me about my govt. job. & marriage. With your blessings i have been selected in psu bank. & marriage is being finalised . thanks a lot Guu Ji for ur blessings & predictions. i & my new friend would visit u in around september . please keep showerings your blessings.

thanku so much

June 28, 2018 at 1:18pm
i am priyank dubey from patna, i have suffered huge losses by wrong advice by so called/claimed pandit/speciaist ,they advised to do business & not the job . i have suffered losses worth 5-6 lacs, still when i approached them they refer for doing another pooja/hawan , few days before i was advised by my friend Mrinalini to approach /consult Pandit R K sharma ji, jyotish guru in noida/vrindavan, after taking appointment he advised me to do job & not business. after his prediction & suggested remedies i got a good job last week. now i have decided to take regular/frequent advice from him. he generally doesn't take any fee for little consultation on phone for any query from old clients instead he helped/guided me in every possible way that's why i am in a good job now. thanku so much , as my losses can't be recovered but finally i have a new begining & learned a lot to avoid such fraud pandits/jyotish guru

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