Respected Guru ji thanku

February 07 at 8:12am
Respected Guru Ji 'parnam" i took phone consultancy in nov.2018 regarding my govt. job. you told me that between jan15to 14 feb. 2019 change of job/place is on the cards due to transition of mars into aries and transition of mercury into aqarius . this is to inform you that i am being transferred to delhi next week with increment in my salary. i and my family had a strong desire to see you personally and seek your blessings. thank you so much guru ji as i was waiting for such transfer for the last one year .

i am thankful to Pandit R K Sharma ji

January 21 at 4:29am
i am an advocate . i have been consulting guru Ji (pandit R KSharma ji, Jyotish guru noida/vrindavan) frequently for the last 5 years . whenever i had problem/confusion/uncertainty i took appointment and took his valuable advice. with his consultancy i was able to travel abroad & also earned good income. thanks a lot Sir.My friends if gave one or 2 star wrongly /by mistake as many other astrologers also have the same name , i extremely appologize for the same. thank you sir for prediction and blessings

i am grateful to Pandit r k sharma ji

by aka
November 16, 2018 at 3:30am
hi, i am eka parnika from new delhi. i was troubled about my married life & job with uncertain future. i already sought consultancy & spent huge amount for pooja/hawan as per so claimed pandits but no relief. finally my friend advised me to take consultancy from pandit R K sharma ji in noida/vrindavan, it was not easy to contact him due his busy schedule. fortunately i succeeded in getting appointment . after consulting him i was relieved as he told about my past and present. i followed his advice /remedies for 3 months. finally my job & family ,married life issue have been resolved to my satisfaction. thanku sir for your valuable consultancy. regards.

thankful to sir Pandit R K Sharma ji,astrloger

September 09, 2018 at 9:04am
hi, i am neharika sharma from faridabad , i took phone consultancy thrice by paying Rs.1100/- each time in jan,,feb.& march 2018. but i am very thankful to Respected Astrologer Pandit R K Sharma ji for his so important advice every time was truely not only helpful but successful in resolving my long pending marriage problems, with his blesssings, astro remedies & advice i have been living comfortable happy married life, since april 2018, please keep showering your blessings, thanks guru ji so much .

thanku sir

August 09, 2018 at 8:46am
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tahnk you Pandit R K Sharma ji

July 07, 2018 at 2:57am
Pandit R K sharma ji ,jyotish guru i am saijili from Guru Gram, haryana, i took consultancy on phone after paying fee by paytm in march 2018,you predicted me about my govt. job. & marriage. With your blessings i have been selected in psu bank. & marriage is being finalised . thanks a lot Guu Ji for ur blessings & predictions. i & my new friend would visit u in around september . please keep showerings your blessings.

thanku so much

June 28, 2018 at 1:18pm
i am priyank dubey from patna, i have suffered huge losses by wrong advice by so called/claimed pandit/speciaist ,they advised to do business & not the job . i have suffered losses worth 5-6 lacs, still when i approached them they refer for doing another pooja/hawan , few days before i was advised by my friend Mrinalini to approach /consult Pandit R K sharma ji, jyotish guru in noida/vrindavan, after taking appointment he advised me to do job & not business. after his prediction & suggested remedies i got a good job last week. now i have decided to take regular/frequent advice from him. he generally doesn't take any fee for little consultation on phone for any query from old clients instead he helped/guided me in every possible way that's why i am in a good job now. thanku so much , as my losses can't be recovered but finally i have a new begining & learned a lot to avoid such fraud pandits/jyotish guru

you are the best guru ji

June 23, 2018 at 1:59am
RESPECTED Pandit R K Sharma ji , when i visited you i was very upset as i already spent huge money on the pretext of by so called jyotish pandits but all in vain , i had no hope. but after your advice, consultancy & important astro/spiritual tips/remedies. i am totally relaxed & my problem is over. thank you so much Sir ,truely you are the best.: Saanvi Bansal

thanku so much for resolving my problems

June 14, 2018 at 3:53am
i m Bhaanu priya from lucknow, i had issues regarding unsuccessful visa . i paid for pooja, remedies to many astrologers/pandits/specialist but failed to get visa . i had no hope as i already spent too much of my hard earned money. later my friend Ridhima helped me to contact pandit R K Sharma ji, i took his advice/consultancy on phone by paying his fee by paytm. Reseocted Pandit R K Sharma ji ,jyotish guru (guru ji) i am very thankful to you as now i am doing my job in thailand. thanks once again guru ji for ur timely advice ,predictions & blessings.

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